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Dr. Dina Bacon, Board Certified Family and Integrative Medicine Physician

Dina Bacon, MD

Board Certified

Family and Integrative Medicine Physician

Email or Call:

(904) 544-1738

About Me

Dr. Bacon graduated from Atlantic University School of Medicine then completed Family Medicine Residency at Yuma Regional Medical Center in Yuma, AZ. She was selected as the 2023 James Grobe, MD, "Family Medicine Resident Physician of the Year", by the Arizona Academy of Family Physicians. She also completed the Integrative Medicine in Residency Fellowship through the University of Arizona, Dr. Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. She pursued additional training in aesthetics, HRT, medical weight loss, nutrition, and IV therapy. She is a wife, mother and Nana to her 4 grandsons. 

"I have been in the medical field, in multiple capacities, since the age of 16. I raised my family and returned to medical school after my children completed high school. I have 25+ years as an ER, ICU, Medical/Surgical and Cardiology nurse, Director of Nursing then Executive Director, of a large hospice, before pursuing medical school. I made the decision to become a physician because I honestly believe I can make a difference. I am very passionate about delivering quality and affordable healthcare to every person.  I seek patients who are looking for a trusting patient - doctor relationship, all the while allowing me to be the doctor I was meant to be."

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model where physicians partner with their patients to provide personalized primary medical care that is tailored to each and every patient. Our membership model, which is a monthly flat fee and not medical insurance and not concierge medicine, allows us to provide care without administrative burdens, limitations, and the overcrowding of the traditional insurance-based billing system. There are no copays, deductibles to meet, or unexpected bills. Everything is discussed upfront. I keep my patient panel small intentionally to be able to provide this type of care.


You have a personal physician who knows you, listens, and has the time to spend with you at each visit with your best medical interests in mind. Avoiding the urgent care or emergency room for services I can provide in office, by a doctor who knows, you is a priority. We offer in office labs, medications, procedures, IV fluids or infusions, joint injections all at deeply discounted prices with complete price transparency. #PowerToThePatients

We believe in going back to old school medicine – not the type of care that is dictated by third party payors, but one that is focused on
 the patient and their needs. It is a valued and trusting patient - doctor relationship, just like having a doctor in the family!


At PURE DPC Medicine+Aesthetics, I take great pride in offering a higher level of service, communication, and a relationship with your doctor that every patient deserves. Our services are designed to provide our members with comprehensive care that is both affordable, convenient, and personal.

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